Dondi Ingegneria, a piece of History, an authentic Passion and a Family Tradition.

Dondi Ingegneria of Milan is an applied engineering company and was founded in 1958 by Alessandro Dondi sr, and continues to operate with success in the sector regarding planning and industrial design.

Enthusiasm, precision, sense of sacrifice, as well as professional experience, competency, specialisation, comparison and interdisciplinary analysis of every commitment form the fundamental basis of our Organisation.

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Milan Offices

20136 Milano – Via Zamenhof, 7
Tel.: +39-02-8321644
Fax: +39-02-8395806

Our merits

Results in every service, Efficiency and precision, Competitive edge

Innovation and costs

Studio Dondi, since its foundation, has always carefully followed with attention the new technologies concerning development and design. For this reason, co-design with the Customer is essential, as well as our participation in the company processes starting from the initial phases.

Planning research

To meet the requirements for innovation and product diversification keeping costs at a minimum. Costa can also be cut-down by a drastic reduction in the number of components and the processes necessary to manufacture a product.

Traditional precision

Our activities concern mechanical design and the design of machines, whether mechanical, electrical or pneumatic. The continual tendency for enhancement and technological innovation, use of C.A.D systems and cloud computing are the benchmark of our activity.

Our History


Alessandro Dondi sr., born in1914

Alessandro Dondi sr., born in 1914, grew up in Salsomaggiore and studied at the Vocational Schools of Reggio Emilia. After his diploma he was employed by Officine Reggiane and after a short period he passed from working as a plotter to become a technical designer, urged by his deep interest in mechanical design.

First Moto Parilla, then Moto Garelli

In 1950, the difficult post-war situation convinced him to move to Milan where he entered the technical office of Moto Parilla where he worked on the design of engines for motorbikes. He gained valid experience in this sector, and moved on to Moto Garelli employed as technical office manager.

Alessandro Dondi, is contacted by the OM of Milan

It was 1958 when Alessandro Dondi, was contacted by OM of Milan to open and manage an external technical office. Thus STUDIO DONDI became one of the first technical offices, not only in Milan, but in Italy, product of the economic boom created after the war following the indication of the leading manufacturing companies.

STUDIO DONDI, in those years, developed design activities in the lift trucks sector , in railroad equipment and earth-moving vehicles. The first historical offices were opened in V.le Toscana, one of the main arterial roads of Milan, due to the continual expansion of projects and staff the STUDIO transferred to more suitable premises in via Balbo, still in Milan.


A generation of engineers

The DONDI family is a generation of engineering technicians from Alessandro, through to Giordano Dondi, who in 1969 became part of the STUDIO. The main activity continues to be in the lift truck sector, where Fiat OM, once the market leader, chose STUDIO DONDI as an experienced and reliable partner for the design of all the aspects of their vehicles, whether mechanical, electrical or pneumatic
Early 80’s

The electronic incentive

The design market underwent an uprising moment of strong effervescence and innovation. Also the tools of the designers working in the STUDIO became incentivised by electronics. These were the first years of the ‘eighties when drafting machines, pencils and Indian ink became substituted by the new C.A.D systems . (Computer-Aided Design).

STUDIO DONDI was among the first external offices to procure a C.A.D.station with a workstation 286, monitor 15″ to which a modern A0 needle plotter was attached. The precision and reliability, inherent in the DNA of STUDIO DONDI, become integrated with a productivity in step with modern times.


Succession and transfer

In 1984 the founder Alessandro Dondi sr., retired from the working scene and his professional inheritance passed over to his son Giordano. The drafting machines were gradually abandoned and with the increase in activity, especially in the railroad sector, in 1996, the STUDIO moved to new offices in via Balilla in Milao.

New projects and transfer to the present offices

The family tradition continues is with the grandson, Alessandro Dondi, who took his degree in Electronic Engineering in Pavia, adding new knowledge and skills to the company activities, not only with the engineering opportunities offered to their customers , but also regarding all the internal organisation and systematic aspects, such as equipping with the first ISDN internet lines, and e-mail; in this way widening the possibility of major contact with the customers. Over these years the STUDIO has developed many projects regarding transport on rails, horizonal flow-pack machines for foodstuffs, steel and aluminium rolling machines, RSU automatic appointment systems, plastic moulding and blowing machines, gearbox development for TRENT 900 Rolls Royce reactor and dummy blade Mangusta helicopter.
In 2001 with the expansion of activities and staff. the STUDIO transferred from the current offices to via Zamenhof in Milan.


Alessandro Dondi

As happened in the past for grandfather Alessandro sr., also Giordano Dondi, in 2012, passed the guidance  over to his son Alessandro who became the technical manager  and director partner of STUDIO DONDI

Transformation in Dondi Ingegneria Srl

The growth of the company.
Talent to strengthen future expectations.

Giordano Dondi

Born in ’44. Diploma at I.T.I.S. “G. Feltrinelli – Milan in 1964
spec. Metalworking. He continued his studies by graduating in 1967 at the Superior Institute of Technology (Milan Polytechnic). The passion for technology-mechanics and design they brought him to join as a partner in the Studio Dondi in 1969. Here he joined his father Alessandro sr.

Alessandro Dondi

Born in ’69, Diploma at I.T.I.S. “G. Feltrinelli – Milan in 1989 spec. “Nuclear energy”. He continued his studies at the University of Pavia, faculty of Electronic Engineering.
In 1997 he began working alongside his father Giordano. Here he deals with the management of orders and operations of the Studio’s collaborators. In 1998 he graduated assuming more and more responsibility to lead the Studio. Following in the footsteps of his father, Giordano becomes full-fledged in 2012.

Scientists dream of doing great things. Engineers realize them.
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